Custom weapons sell faster, take advantage of our pre-sales floor cerakoting service." 


Offer higher quality weapons and accessories with unique designs that stand the test of time. Precision 333 provides your business a steady flow of unique weapons, cerakoted to your specs, see what your customers are demanding and offer it.

Fact 1: Gun buyers love custom items that differentiate themselves from other gun owners, the love things worth bragging about.

Fact 2: Custom weapons sell faster. With many stock choices available gun buyers are increasingly searching for something new and different.

Fact 3: Cerakoting increases value of a gun which allows you, the gun store owner, to ask more for the weapon which increases your bottom line.

Fact 4: By offering custom weapons and accessories you set yourself apart from other

​gun stores which spreads your company name further throughout the region you service. People will drive further and go out of their way to see what you offer.

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